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Krav Maga Chicago: Real Self Defense

"In the fall of 2000, a teenage girl named Wendy (her name has been changed to protect her indentity) was riding on a bus with her church band. The bus stopped at a mall, and Wendy got out to use the restroom. As is the case in many malls, the public bathroom was located far from regular foot traffic, through a steel door and down a lonely hallway. Wendy walked down this corridor and found the restroom. As she exited the room into the long hallway, a man grabbed her from behind, his huge arms wrapping around her body. Before she could even think, Wendy twisted in place, sending back one elbow and then the other, striking him in the face. Startled, her attacker let go. Wendy spun around and punched him one more time and then ran.

Wendy wasn't just a member of her church band. She was also a student of KRAV MAGA"

Complete Krav Maga book. Official Guide of Krav Maga Worldwide

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