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Womens Only Class for Krav Maga Chicago

Womens Only Class for Krav Maga Chicago

Ultimate Martial Arts is excited to announce that on August 23rd we will start our second group of Krav Maga women's only class.

Join us for our unique, women's only empowerment session and learn that anyone can protect themselves regardless of size or gender. The goal is to provide a comfortable training environment for women that may otherwise not feel comfortable training in co-ed classes. The curriculum taught will be equivalent to Krav Maga Foundation classes.This amazing six-week Krav Maga session is the perfect opportunity for women to empower themselves while getting the workout of their lives. No experience needed - our certified instructors, tailor each class to your fitness level from beginners to hard-core exercise fanatics. Simply bring your determination, lots of water and your girlfriends.

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