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Chicago Mitt Mania Classes

Mitt Mania Classes Enrolling Now! Don't Miss This Great Opportunity To Fine-Tune Your Skills On The Mat!


Mitt Mania at Ultimate Martial Arts is focused on developing striking accuracy, technique and overall fighting reflexes. These sessions include working solo drills on heavy bags as well as with partners and focus mitts.

With Mitt Mania classes, you will improve your timing, hand-eye coordination and explosiveness both on and off the mat. Mitt Mania is another fun and challenging way to workout and supplement your martial arts training.

On top of the obvious benefits of these session, you can also expect these great things from Mitt Mania sessions at Ultimate Martial Arts:


  • Improved offensive skills like working angles and combinations
  • Improved defensive skills like blocking, parrying, slipping and rolling
  • Practice movement, footwork and strategy with live partner


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